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Essential Oils
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Essential oils are not just pretty smells

Essential oils have an ancient history and can be traced back as far as 3rd century BC Egypt where excavations of tombs in the Valley of the Kings uncovered tears of Frankincense and Myrrh. The Egyptians went on to experiment with plant essences, making perfumes, herbs and spices. Cleopatra was famed for using rose petals to intoxicate her followers by having them strewn on the Nile where they would wilt and release their oils or she'd have them thrown on the ground where, once trodden on, would give off a heady aroma of love and beauty almost aphrodisiac like. As history progressed so did the knowledge, research and use of essential oils grow. As well as perfumes, cosmetics and repellents, they were used for medicines and tonics.

Each essential oil has been extensively researched throughout history and been associated with a unique set of properties and healing qualities. They can be used individually or mixed together in synergistic blends that compliment and enhance their potency and potential for healing a wider range of ailments.

Essential oils can be used (once blended and applied in the correct way) either through the airways and lungs or directly through the skin.

Diffusers, face steaming, bathing or breathing in from a pre mixed bottle are all examples of inhalation, I like to use oil burners to give my room a subtle scent and create a calming, relaxing atmosphere for Reiki treatments.

Perfume, lotions, creams and massage oils are all examples of direct skin application. 

I infuse all my essential oil blends with reiki and crystals for an extra boost of love and power. 

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