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Taking care of yourself after your treatment

Aftercare Guide

Below is an example of what to expect after a Reiki treatment and some important self-care tips. By following this guide, you’ll receive more benefit and accelerate your healing process.

Glasses of Water


If you heed only one of these tips, I hope it’s this one. It’s the most important.
Simply put, a Reiki session triggers a detoxification process. Your body may begin to shift and eliminate toxins as part of the healing process, this can sometimes cause cold or flu like symptoms. Water is essential for the detox process to happen safely and efficiently. For the next few days, pay attention to how much water you’re drinking and aim to double the amount you’d normally drink. If you regularly drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks, now would be a great time to begin to wean yourself off them, as they negatively impact the body. But, if you can’t do that, you can try over the next few days to limit these drinks perhaps replacing some with sparkling water or fruit tea.


It’s important to not push yourself too hard after Reiki, because your body will probably want to rest. You could be feeling very relaxed after your session or you may be completely re-energised but either way it will be of enormous benefit for you to be aware of what your body needs right now. So, take a little time out to refocus and rest.
In addition, I highly recommend disconnecting from technology for the rest of the day if you can. This will help your nervous system to decompress and relax.
The first few days after a Reiki session are crucial, as your immune system is being strengthened and your body is finding balance. So, be kind to yourself. Be slow. Be gentle. Get lots of rest.

Day rest
Sad on Couch


A Reiki session can often trigger deep emotional healing. This experience may feel pleasant or it may not feel so pleasant. My clients have reported a range of emotions after a session. No matter whether the emotions are seemingly “positive” or “negative”, it’s important that you simply allow them to be exactly as they are, without judgment. When you freely allow yourself to feel (without repressing the emotions and without judging them as good or bad), then you allow healing at a very deep level. Most of us have been taught by society to stifle our emotions, which causes massive damage in the long run. After your Reiki session, if you feel like you want to laugh, cry or rage then that is the very best thing that you can do! 

The important thing to keep in mind is that if you have any intense mood swings after the session, this is your system’s natural way of finding balance.

Be kind to yourself

Sometimes the results from Reiki are not immediately apparent. It may take a few weeks or even a few months before you can really perceive all that has shifted. It’s important not to get lost in impatience, doubt, or self-criticism. Healing happens on its own schedule. Be as kind to yourself as possible, be patient and don’t worry if the desired changes don’t immediately show up in your reality … they will, sooner or later.

If you have any concerns at all, please do contact me. I wish you lots of love on your healing journey and look forward to hearing how that journey is going.

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